Debt Capital Markets

HSBC has a significant footprint in capital markets based on integrity, longevity, commitment, consistency and persistence in times of both benign and difficult market conditions. This provides us with an edge when addressing the concerns of borrowers who are considering raising funds in either local or international debt securities markets.

Given that many institutional investors look to HSBC as the source of information on market events, we are well positioned to direct new investment flows towards building imaginative solutions to satisfy the needs of borrowers.

Our financing and advisory services include structured finance, syndicated finance and debt capital markets housing the following products:

  • Corporate bonds
  • Financial institution bonds
  • Securitised and structured bond financing
  • Sovereign bonds/loans

These services are offered on a global basis across multiple currencies.

Emerging Markets

A Better View of Emerging Markets
Whether in Asia, Africa, South America or the younger republics of Eastern Europe — the world's local bank is there.

HSBC Emerging Markets Index

A Market First
We've created a leading economic indicator for the world's emerging market economies